Divorce Mediation                       

Gainesville Divorce Mediation can assist couples who want to get a friendly divorce or resolve family issues without hiring attorneys and spending exorbitant amounts of time and money. Most cases can be completed for less than $1,500.00! We help you prepare a mediated settlement agreement which can be presented to the court and becomes part of your divorce. We are trained to help you with parenting plans, timesharing, parental responsibility, equitable distribution of your assets and your liabilities, alimony and child support calculations. Most divorce mediations can be completed in one or two sessions. At the conclusion of the mediation, we will furnish you with your completed settlement agreement suitable for filing with the court. Your case can then be scheduled for a hearing as an uncontested divorce.

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Need Help With Court Forms?

The divorce forms package they sell at the courthouse can be difficult.  Do you really need all of those forms?  Alternatively, you can download the divorce forms from the internet - but which ones?  We can help! We can help you identify which court forms you will need, where to get them and where to file them!  With the correct forms, your case will be filed as an uncontested divorce and move quickly through the process.

Mediate Your Divorce

  • Keep control of the process
  • Avoid having a stranger make an important and binding decision that will impact you for the rest of your life
  • Avoid delay and paying expensive professional fees
  • Increase the likelihood of cooperation from your soon to be former spouse
  • Find a settlement that you can both be satisfied with
  • Get help with court forms

We can mediate your case at one of our Gainesville offices, online via video conference, or any agreed upon location.

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